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Vodafone launches an NFT collection on the Cardano network

Vodafone, one of the largest telecommunications companies in the world, has announced its plans to launch a collection of non-fungible tokens (NFTs) on the Cardano blockchain network. This move is significant for Cardano in several ways. Firstly, it brings public attention and credibility to the Cardano network, highlighting its capabilities and potential to host major projects. Secondly, it reflects the confidence of a major global company in Cardano’s technology, which could attract more businesses and developers to build applications on the network, thus enhancing its overall ecosystem.

If this scenario materializes, it could have a positive impact on Cardano’s native currency, ADA, which is currently trading at $0.28. ADA is primarily used for trading, staking, and participating in the governance of the Cardano blockchain network.

Cardano has welcomed the increasing adoption, with an average of 2,446 new digital wallet additions recorded from June 1st to June 21st, according to Finbold reports.

It’s worth mentioning that Vodafone is the seventh-largest telecommunications company in the world, serving over 353 million users worldwide, including 30.81 million users served by its subsidiary, Vodafone Germany.



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