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Cryptocurrency Investment Trends Among Indian Investors

Insights into Indian cryptocurrency investment trends, including motivations, independent decision-making, and trading surges.

A recent survey by Mudrex, spanning ages 20 to 60 and various income brackets, sheds light on Indian cryptocurrency investment patterns.

  • 45% of surveyed individuals with retirement plans invest in cryptocurrencies.
  • 50% believe cryptocurrencies will go mainstream in five years, with 59% preferring independent decision-making.
  • 70% of crypto investors make financial decisions independently.
  • Wealth appreciation drives 72% of crypto investments, surpassing traditional investors.

A survey by Mudrex analyzed Indian cryptocurrency investment behaviors, revealing intriguing insights. Among respondents, 45% with retirement plans had ventured into cryptocurrencies. Furthermore, 50% foresee cryptocurrencies becoming mainstream within five years, with a notable preference for independent decision-making evident among 59% of participants.

Independent Decision-making Dominates

The study also highlighted a significant trend: 70% of cryptocurrency investors in India prefer making financial decisions independently. This inclination underscores a sense of autonomy and self-reliance within the crypto investment community.

Wealth appreciation emerged as the primary motivation for investing in cryptocurrencies, as indicated by 72% of respondents. This surpasses the 63% of traditional investors who primarily seek economic benefits. Such findings suggest that cryptocurrencies are still perceived as a speculative avenue geared toward financial gains.

Long-term Returns and Regulatory Challenges

Previous surveys, including one by WazirX, reinforce the notion of long-term returns as a driving force behind crypto investments. Despite the absence of a robust regulatory framework and a hefty 30% tax on cryptocurrency gains, interest in cryptocurrencies remains resilient in India.

Mudrex CEO Edu Patel noted a substantial surge in crypto trading volumes, attributing it to increasing interest in cryptocurrencies. From December to February, Mudrex experienced a remarkable 192% increase, followed by a threefold surge in March. CoinDCX and WazirX also reported similar growth in the first quarter of 2024.


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