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Ukraine Introduces AI Spokesperson for Diplomatic Announcements

Ukraine integrates AI with human oversight for diplomatic announcements through Victoria Shi, enhancing efficiency and trustworthiness.

Ukraine’s Foreign Ministry unveiled Victoria Shi, an AI-generated spokesperson, marking a pioneering move in international diplomacy.

  • Ukraine’s Foreign Ministry introduces AI spokesperson Victoria Shi.
  • Victoria Shi embodies a blend of technology and human effort, delivering official statements.
  • Ukrainian Foreign Minister hails the initiative as a technological leap in public administration.

Ukraine’s Foreign Ministry recently made waves in international diplomacy with the introduction of Victoria Shi, an AI-generated spokesperson. Victoria, a digital persona, presents official statements crafted by human staff through social media videos. Designed to optimize resource utilization and save time, Victoria signifies a significant leap towards modernization and efficiency in government operations.

The innovative approach integrates advanced technology while maintaining human oversight. Victoria’s human-like gestures and movements enhance digital communication, ensuring accuracy and trustworthiness in the content she delivers. Ukrainian Foreign Minister Dmytro Kuleba praised the initiative as unparalleled in the diplomatic sphere, highlighting its pioneering use of AI in public administration.

Victoria Shi: A Symbol of Technological Advancement and National Pride

Dubbed a “digital person” by the ministry, Victoria Shi symbolizes the fusion of technology and human creativity. Her name, derived from “victory” and the Ukrainian phrase for artificial intelligence, reflects a forward-looking, victorious image. Created by the Game Changers team, known for virtual-reality content related to Ukraine’s war, Victoria embodies the nation’s spirit of resilience and progress.

Fusing National Identity with Technological Innovation

Victoria’s appearance and voice, modeled after Ukrainian singer Rosalie Nombre, evoke a sense of familiarity and national pride. Nombre’s contribution, offered without charge, adds authenticity to Victoria’s persona. To combat misinformation, all of Victoria’s statements are accompanied by QR codes linking to text versions on the ministry’s official website, ensuring transparency and accountability.



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