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Jack Dorsey Steps Back from Bluesky Board Amidst Philanthropic Grant Announcement

Jack Dorsey announces grants for open protocols while stepping down from Bluesky board, prompting speculation about the project's future.

Jack Dorsey’s recent philanthropic announcement coincided with his departure from the Bluesky board, leaving questions about the future of the project.

  • Dorsey’s philanthropic initiative includes grants for open protocols.
  • His terse response on X confirmed his exit from the Bluesky board.
  • Bluesky seeks a new board member aligned with its decentralized vision.

Jack Dorsey, through his Start Small initiative, unveiled grants supporting open protocols, coinciding with his departure from the Bluesky board. Speculations arose following Dorsey’s succinct “no” response on X when queried about his board position. Despite requests for clarification, Dorsey remained reticent.

The exact timeline of Dorsey’s exit remains ambiguous. As of Sunday morning, Bluesky’s corporate FAQ still listed him as a board member. However, the company later issued a statement expressing gratitude for his contributions while signaling the search for a successor committed to Bluesky’s mission of empowering users within a decentralized social network.

The Genesis and Evolution of Bluesky

Dorsey introduced Bluesky in 2019 during his tenure as Twitter CEO, aiming to cultivate an open and decentralized standard for social media. Over time, Bluesky transitioned into an independent public benefit corporation under CEO Jay Graber, securing venture capital support. Its recent accessibility to the public signifies a significant milestone in its journey towards decentralization.

Despite Dorsey’s departure last year, which was discreetly acknowledged via sporadic social media posts, his association remained pivotal for Bluesky. However, his recent activities, including disengagement from corporate accounts and commentary on societal issues, hint at a shift in focus towards individual empowerment and “freedom technology.”


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