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BRICS Countries Planning Stablecoin to Reduce Dollar Dependency

BRICS nations aim to reduce USD dependency with their own stablecoin, potentially backed by gold.

US Lawmakers Eye Stablecoin Legislation Amid Political Shifts

US lawmakers are gearing up for potential stablecoin legislation amidst political changes, aiming to address the growing $159 billion stablecoin market. US expected to enact stablecoin law in 2025 Bipartisan efforts underway, buoyed by industry growth Regulatory actions globally prompt US action Political landscape...

Japan’s Liberal Democratic Party Pushes for Immediate Crypto Tax Reforms

Japan's Liberal Democratic Party pushes for immediate crypto tax reforms, proposing separate taxation on cryptoasset transactions to streamline the process and address disparities in tax rates. Prime Minister Kishida's support signals a significant shift in Japan's approach to regulating the crypto industry.

Federal Reserve Governor Stands Firm: No Rate Cuts in Sight

Federal Reserve Governor Jerome Powell maintains a cautious stance on rate cuts, prioritizing stable inflation before policy adjustments. Market anticipation clashes with the Fed's commitment to economic stability, reflecting uncertainties in global economic forecasts.

Crypto Industry in Australia: Insights from Kraken CEO

Gain insights into Australia's crypto landscape from Kraken CEO Jonathan Miller. Learn about regulatory challenges and factors driving optimism.

Japan’s Economy in Turmoil as Yen Takes a Nosedive

Japan's economy faces uncertainty as the yen's unprecedented decline challenges policymakers' efforts to stabilize financial markets and spur growth.