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Microsoft’s $13 Billion OpenAI Stake Passes EU Antitrust Scrutiny

EU antitrust regulators clear Microsoft's $13 billion OpenAI stake. Informal investigations ongoing in the UK and US. Microsoft adopts proactive measures to navigate regulatory risks.

Microsoft Raises Alarm Over AI-Generated Election Interference

Microsoft raises concerns over AI-generated content influencing elections in major countries like the USA, India, and South Korea, highlighting potential interference efforts by China. Experts emphasize the role of AI in political campaigns amid a lack of regulatory oversight.

Xbox Explores AI Integration for Support Functions

Discover how Microsoft is incorporating AI into Xbox support functions to streamline assistance and enhance user experience.

OpenAI Makes ChatGPT AI Chatbot Accessible without Registration

OpenAI eliminates registration requirements for ChatGPT, aiming to boost accessibility. However, concerns persist regarding potential malware threats.

Microsoft’s Copilot Omission from Windows Server 2025 Sparks Controversy

Microsoft's decision to exclude Copilot from Windows Server 2025 has sparked controversy and speculation within the tech community. Despite its absence from Build 26085, the Copilot key remains a significant addition to Microsoft's operating system, promising to enhance user productivity with AI-driven typing assistance.

Biden-Harris Administration Introduces Comprehensive AI Regulations and Workforce Expansion

Explore the Biden-Harris administration's comprehensive AI regulations and workforce expansion initiative, alongside a comparison with the EU's AI Act. Understand the implications for responsible AI usage and governance.