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Strike is expanding its “Send Cross-Border” service to Mexico using the Bitcoin Lightning Network

Strike, the global financial application, announces the expansion of its “Send Cross-Border” service to Mexico, utilizing the instant Bitcoin Lightning Network. The aim of this service is to provide a faster, cheaper, and more accessible alternative to traditional money transfer providers in Mexico. Users can now send instant payments to a Mexican bank account without any additional transaction costs. Strike has partnered with Rilampago in Mexico to enable transfers from US dollars to be converted into the local currency in the recipient’s account.

Since its launch in December 2022, Strike has expanded its “Send Cross-Border” service to over ten countries, including the Philippines, Vietnam, Nigeria, and now Mexico. Through these expansions, the company aims to provide accessible and efficient cross-border payment solutions, meeting the growing demand for faster and cheaper transfers worldwide.

Mexico is one of the largest cross-border payment markets from the United States, receiving $60 billion in remittances from the US alone in 2022. Strike’s expansion into the Mexican market reflects its commitment to meeting user needs and providing innovative and efficient payment solutions.


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