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Lama Visa cards facilitate the conversion of digital currencies into legal tender and their use worldwide

Visa cards are distributed to customers of the digital currency exchange platform “Lama.” Both physical and virtual cards allow for instant conversion of digital currencies into legal tender and can be used anywhere Visa cards are accepted. The cards come with unique benefits, such as a 2% Bitcoin reward on all purchases.

“Lama,” a licensed digital currency trading platform, emerged in 2022, offering standard banking services alongside digital currency trading and integration with decentralized finance (DeFi) technology. Since then, the company has introduced a range of leading products aimed at facilitating easy conversion between digital and fiat currencies. The launch of the new Lama Visa cards is a significant step in this direction.

Users of Lama-branded Visa cards can make purchases at any physical or online merchant that accepts Visa cards. Additionally, users can earn up to 2% cashback in Bitcoin on the value of all purchases.

Three programs have been created for the Visa cards specifically designed to meet user needs by Lama. The Bronze program is the first and includes only one virtual card, which is free to use. The Silver plan includes up to three virtual cards, one physical card, and a 1% reward on all transactions. The monthly subscription fee for this plan is 9.99 euros. The Gold plan, which costs 19.99 euros per month, includes up to five virtual cards, one physical card, and a 2% Bitcoin cashback.

Briegham Santos, Chief Operating Officer at Lama, stated, “The Lama Visa card is an essential tool for anyone looking to maximize the potential of their digital assets. By using Lama Visa cards, users will be able to convert and utilize their digital currency with millions of merchants worldwide. This makes digital currencies touchable and accessible, allowing users to fully participate in the global economy.”

The Visa Digital Currency Card program includes partnerships with 50 major digital currency platforms to provide Visa-branded white-label debit cards. These cards aim to facilitate the use of digital funds among 70 million merchants worldwide. Lama’s inclusion in this program reflects the central reputation of its platform and its strict compliance standards to ensure adherence to all legal requirements.

With the Lama Visa card, customers have an easy means to convert between fiat and digital currencies, making the use of digital currencies more convenient in daily life. As a result, users can benefit from owning digital assets while ensuring quick access to their funds for regular payments when needed.


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