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Mastercard launches the blockchain app store as a trial version

Mastercard, one of the leading credit card companies in the world, has announced a significant step in expanding its presence in the cryptocurrency field. The company is expected to launch a trial version of the blockchain app store from the Multi-Token Network (MTN) this summer.

MTN aims to develop new applications and use cases for financial institutions, fintech companies, and central banks. The system is built on blockchain and Ethereum technology, allowing developers to build innovative applications based on payments, transfers, and transaction verification.

Banking deposit tokens are one of the areas that will be a primary focus in the initial applications of MTN. These tokens are gaining popularity among central banks and commercial banks, offering exciting opportunities for innovation in future financial systems.

Mastercard emphasizes the importance of security and safeguarding tokens and assets. In line with this, “Mastercard Crypto Credential” has been developed as a verification tool that enables the secure and efficient sharing of wallet addresses. The tool defines wallet attributes through descriptive data, ensuring unintended transactions are prevented.

This announcement reflects Mastercard’s growing interest in cryptocurrency and blockchain technology, as well as its desire to expand its presence in this evolving field. This move is expected to have a positive impact on the digital payment sector and promote the adoption of encrypted technology in the future.


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