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AI-Crypto Market Sees Fluctuations: Highlights and Trends

AI-crypto market trends, fluctuations, and volatility highlighted with notable declines and gains among top assets.

The AI-crypto economy, currently valued at $23.97 billion, witnessed a 3.73% decline since March 21, 2024, with top assets experiencing notable decreases against the USD.

  • AI-crypto economy at $23.97 billion, down 3.73% from March 21.
  • Top assets register declines: ICP drops 23.36%, TAO down 18.62%, GRT and THETA decrease by 14.93% each.
  • Despite setbacks, nine of the top ten assets gain in the last week.

The AI-crypto market, currently valued at $23.97 billion, reflects a 3.73% decline from its valuation on March 21, 2024. Notably, major AI crypto assets have seen substantial decreases in value against the U.S. dollar over the past month. Internet computer (ICP) recorded the most significant drop at 23.36%, followed by Bittensor (TAO) with an 18.62% decrease. The Graph (GRT) and Theta (THETA) also experienced notable reductions of 14.93% each, while Fetch (FET) saw an 11.11% decline during the same period.

Despite these setbacks, the majority of the top ten assets managed to achieve gains in the last week. ICP lagged with a 1.91% decrease, while TAO climbed by 10.03%, GRT improved by 13.15%, and THETA increased by 4.64% over the past seven days.

The fluctuations in the AI-crypto market underscore its inherent volatility, despite significant year-to-date gains. Since Jan. 22, 2024, when the market was valued at just $6.08 billion, it has surged by 294.24%. However, the future trajectory of AI-driven cryptocurrencies remains heavily dependent on broader crypto market dynamics and advancements in AI technology.


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