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OpenAI Launches GPT-4o and New Voice Assistant Features

OpenAI launches GPT-4o with new voice assistant features and improved language capabilities

OpenAI unveiled its new flagship AI model, GPT-4o, along with enhancements to its voice assistant capabilities and a new desktop service, making advanced AI features accessible to more users.


  • OpenAI launches GPT-4o model
  • New voice assistant features introduced
  • Improved language capabilities
  • AI model available for free users

OpenAI announced the launch of its advanced AI model, GPT-4o, aimed at bringing enhanced speed and accuracy to users for free. Previously, these features were exclusive to paid customers. Chief Technology Officer Mira Murati introduced the new model at the OpenAI offices, highlighting its potential to redefine human-machine interactions. Murati emphasized that GPT-4o represents a significant shift in the AI landscape.

The announcement also included updates to ChatGPT’s language processing capabilities, with improvements in quality and speed for international users. The new features allow the AI to analyze images, audio, and text documents. These updates will be gradually rolled out to ensure safe usage.

Demonstration of New Voice Assistant Features

The event showcased the advanced capabilities of OpenAI’s voice assistant. In live demonstrations, researchers interacted with the AI to generate a bedtime story and solve math equations using a phone’s camera. The AI demonstrated its ability to recognize and interpret facial expressions, providing emotional assessments and interactive responses.

Despite minor glitches, the demonstrations highlighted the robustness of the new features. CEO Sam Altman dismissed rumors of an imminent search product, focusing instead on the immediate advancements presented. Murati assured that measures are in place to prevent misuse of the new voice capabilities, though specific details on safeguards were not elaborated.


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