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Whales’ UNFI Deposits: A Closer Look at Synchronized Moves.

  • Whales 0x07c and 0x997 deposit 508,069 UNFI, worth $4.66 million, on Binance.
  • Both whales utilized the same deposit address, sparking speculation of a single entity.
  • Accumulated UNFI between Sep 2-6, 2023, with an average cost of $8.97.
  • Modest profit of $105k realized at current prices, representing a +2.31% gain.
  • UNFI’s current price is $9.21, but a potential profit of $3.06 million awaits if the price hits $14.99 by Nov 27, 2023.
  • Whales 0x07c and 0x997 no longer hold UNFI amidst a 38.8% price decline in the last 12 days.

Whales 0x07c and 0x997 recently made a joint deposit of 508,069 UNFI on Binance, raising eyebrows in the crypto community. The use of an identical deposit address fuels speculation about a single entity orchestrating these moves. The deposit, amounting to $4.66 million at an average price of $9.18, occurred within a tight 2.5-hour window.

Profits, Potential, and Exit Strategy:

These whales strategically accumulated UNFI between September 2-6, 2023, at an average cost of $8.97. Despite realizing a modest shared profit of $105k, equivalent to a +2.31% gain at current prices ($9.21), their exit is noteworthy. Exiting at a time when UNFI faces a substantial 38.8% price decline in the last 12 days, the whales relinquish their holdings. The intriguing aspect lies in the potential for a more significant profit, reaching $3.06 million if UNFI achieves a one-year high of $14.99 by November 27, 2023.


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