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Charles Hoskinson Addresses Controversial Hydra TPS Claims

Cardano’s Charles Hoskinson responds to criticism over his Hydra TPS claims, citing source material to defend his statements and explaining Cardano’s unique transaction approach.

Cardano founder Charles Hoskinson faces scrutiny as his previous claims about Hydra’s throughput capabilities resurface. The crypto community has questioned his assertion of achieving over 1 million transactions per second (TPS) with Hydra. In a recent Twitter exchange, Hoskinson defended his stance, citing a wealth of official sources dating back to 2020 to support the TPS hypothesis.

He clarified that Cardano operates differently, focusing on a “transaction per transaction” basis, rendering traditional TPS metrics irrelevant. Despite this, Cardano continues to thrive with large NFT drops, DEX transactions, Oracle usage, smart contracts, and more.

Hoskinson also contrasted Cardano with Solana, emphasizing Solana’s high throughput but highlighting potential data storage challenges. Critics and skeptics within the crypto community have raised doubts about Cardano’s scaling efforts.

In a space where transparency and accuracy are paramount, Hoskinson’s response is crucial to address the misinformation surrounding Hydra’s capabilities.


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