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American Cancer Society Claims Dogecoin Donations Are Popular

American Cancer Society, a voluntary health organization that is focused on eliminating cancer, has revealed that Dogecoin is its third most donated cryptocurrency.

The most popular meme coin accounts for 4% of all contributions received by the ACS. America’s largest non-governmental funder of cancer research started accepting Dogecoin donations back in May 2021.

The organization makes it possible to make donations with a slew of different cryptocurrencies, including Dogecoin rival Shiba Inu, with the help of The Giving Block, a popular cryptocurrency donation solution.

Last year, the ACS launched its Cancer Crypto Fund campaign in order to raise $1 million for advancing cancer research. The goal was eventually met earlier this year. The organization says that crypto philanthropy is already having a “real impact.”

In October, Christian Linge of SafeBreast Inu donated $250,000, which is the biggest individual contribution to the ASL Cancer Crypto Fund to date.


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