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A significant increase in the number of young investors in the cryptocurrency market in France this year

France has witnessed a notable surge in the number of young investors entering the cryptocurrency market during this year. This rise coincides with increased interest from companies seeking to expand their operations in the country due to the implementation of new regulations. According to a survey conducted by the digital trading platform KuCoin in May, approximately 8% of young internet users in France are participating in the digital market. Particularly, investors from Generation Z have shown a significant increase, with the number of Generation Z investors in cryptocurrencies in France rising by nearly 40% over the past six months.

The CEO of KuCoin pointed out that Generation Z demonstrates substantial interest in cryptocurrencies and an ability to adapt to the investment market. Despite 60% of Generation Z cryptocurrency users earning less than 35,000 euros annually, they are still drawn to invest in this sector.

Compared to older generations, more young adults from Generation Z are seeking quick returns from cryptocurrencies and are using digital assets to purchase non-fungible tokens (NFTs) and make payments. Additionally, this age group shows a greater preference for Ethereum compared to other age groups.

This increase in young investors in the cryptocurrency market in France is driven by companies’ willingness to comply with the new European Union regulations in the field of crypto assets (MiCA), which require digital asset service providers to register with national authorities.

Furthermore, some major financial companies, such as CACEIS and SG-Forge, have announced their registration as licensed digital asset service providers in France, making France a European hub for companies dealing with cryptocurrencies.

Many investors expect the growing interest of the youth in the cryptocurrency market in France to continue in the near future, with the ongoing expansion of companies and improvements in existing regulations to support this growth.

As an expert in blockchain and financial markets, you might be interested in analyzing the factors contributing to the rise of young investors in the French cryptocurrency market and assessing the potential impact on the overall financial landscape in the country.


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