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Alchemy Pay Added to Mastercard’s List of Service Providers

Cryptocurrency companies are gaining increased trust as they are being adopted by reputable financial institutions. Compliance and transparency have become essential for success in this field. Following previous experiences with companies like FTX, Celsius, and Three Arrows Capital, adherence to legal regulations has become more important than ever.

Alchemy Pay aims to build public trust by obtaining verification from trusted financial institutions. It has been approved for inclusion in the Mastercard SDP Registered Service Providers list, which aims to protect customer data and ensure its safety. This accreditation provides customers with confidence in the company’s legitimacy and the security of dealing with it.

Alchemy Pay collaborates with Visa and Mastercard to facilitate transactions between fiat currencies and cryptocurrencies, making access to cryptocurrencies easy and accessible for ordinary individuals worldwide.

Alchemy Pay also aims to solve the challenges of fiat currency exchange for Bitcoin, other cryptocurrencies, and even non-fungible digital assets (NFTs). By improving entry and exit solutions from the system and introducing “NFT Checkout,” individuals can now use Mastercard cards to purchase NFTs with just one click, making the buying process easier and smoother.

By relying on and being endorsed by trusted financial institutions, individuals can easily and confidently transact with cryptocurrencies and purchase NFTs. This is possible due to the trust built on compliance with regulations and standards, as well as the safeguarding of customer data.



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