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Uzbekistan Unblocks Popular Russian Crypto Exchange Aggregator

The government body overseeing the crypto market in Uzbekistan has restored access to Bestchange.ru, a well-known exchange aggregator in the region. The move comes after earlier this year the regulator blocked a number of coin trading platforms, including Binance.

The development was announced by the Digital Rights Center (DRC) law firm whose legal experts have been representing the crypto platform. The DRC is specializing in providing legal assistance to internet users and businesses and was able to secure the unblocking of Bestchange.ru in Russia.

“We are very pleased that the NAPP, which now oversees this field, is as open to dialogue and is doing everything so that Uzbekistan, like Kazakhstan, becomes a fintech driver in the Central Asian region,” stated Sarkis Darbinyan, managing partner at DRC. He emphasized that “both countries are now taking leaps and bounds in terms of legalizing crypto and integrating it into the digital economy.”

This year, President Mirziyoyev signed another decree seeking to expand the regulatory framework for Uzbekistan’s crypto market which provided legal definitions for crypto assets, exchange, and mining. The government also adopted new registration rules for miners and introduced monthly fees for crypto companies.



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