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Tech stores in Ukraine can now accept crypto payments thanks to Whitepay

Ukrainians will be able to buy electronics and other products with cryptocurrency thanks to the service offered by Whitepay. The payment processor, set up by Ukrainian-born digital asset exchange Whitebit, has implemented crypto payments at the country’s largest technology store.

Crypto platform Whitepay launches currency payments at major tech stores in Ukraine
Whitepay, one of the platforms that operates as part of the crypto exchange Whitebit platform, has introduced cryptocurrency payments for products offered by major Ukrainian tech stores.

Buyers can use over 130 different digital currencies for their purchases. The plan is to expand the list of supported cryptocurrencies in the future.

Ukrainian holders of cryptocurrency will be able to pay with digital assets through appropriate forms in online stores, or in physical locations through special point-of-sale (POS) terminals installed by Whitepay. The payment processor will maintain the system and provide customer support.



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