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One More Big Sell-Off Coming for Bitcoin (BTC), Says Popular Crypto Analyst – Here’s His Target

Widely followed crypto analyst Nicholas Merten says there’s one more big sell-off event on the horizon for Bitcoin (BTC).

In a new video update, the host of DataDash tells his 515,000 YouTube subscribers that he sees the king crypto having another meltdown before it finds a strong support level in the $12,000 to $14,000 range.

The closely followed analyst says that BTC could be entering uncharted territories as it has never traded through a period of monetary tightening and interest rate hikes. He also says he doubts that the Federal Reserve will end up pivoting back to quantitative easing anytime soon as it has in the past.

However the Fed can no longer do what it’s done before, not unless it cools inflation… If the Federal Reserve were to print more for whatever reason and try to save the day, they are going to exacerbate the issue big time. The Fed cannot do that in a world of supply chain [issues], of talent shortage in the economy, low labor force participation and all of the concerns around commodity prices.



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