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Galxe Web3 Platform Faces Security Breach

Galxe, a leading web3 community-building platform, experiences a security breach, leaving users unable to access their funds and wallets. Learn more about this incident and the urgent actions needed to protect your assets.

Galxe, a prominent web3 community-building platform, has fallen victim to a security breach. Numerous users have reported the inability to access their funds and wallets on the platform, while the Galxe website remains offline.

In response to the breach, Galxe has issued urgent warnings to users, advising them to disconnect their wallets from the platform and refrain from confirming any transactions. The security incident appears to have stemmed from a DNS account compromise involving the platform’s domain nameservers hosted on Dynadot, a domain marketplace.

To safeguard their assets, affected users are strongly encouraged to transfer their funds from their Galxe accounts to alternative wallets. Additionally, users facing issues are urged to reach out to Galxe’s support team via their Discord channel.

2023 has witnessed a surge in crypto scams and hacker activities, with the industry recording losses exceeding $889 million in the third quarter alone. With this latest security breach, Galxe joins the growing list of victims in the ongoing wave of crypto hacks.


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