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Elon Musk plans to release a replacement phone in case Apple and Google block Twitter

Elon Musk, CEO of Tesla and head of Twitter, has threatened to launch a competing phone if Apple and Google ban Twitter from their app stores. Even if Apple and Google don’t scrap Twitter, many people want it to go ahead with the phone’s launch.

Elon Musk may offer an alternative phone to take on Apple and Google.
Elon Musk said on Friday that if Apple and Google launch his recently acquired social media company, he will launch his own smartphone to compete with the iPhone and Android.

If Apple and Google ban Twitter from their app stores, according to Twitter user Liz Wheeler, Musk should make his own smartphone because “half the country will cheerfully get rid of biased eavesdropping iPhones and Androids.” I sincerely hope that never happens, but in fact, Musk said, “If there is no other choice, I will develop a replacement phone.”

In the event that Apple and Google ban Twitter from their app stores, Elon Musk plans to release a replacement phone.

Musk’s aspirations to use Twitter as a forum for free speech could put the social media business at odds with Apple and Google, which may decide to ban Twitter from their respective app stores.

There are policies in place in the Apple Software Store, Google Play Store, and even smaller app stores like the Amazon Appstore to protect customers from harassment, bullying, and other content they may find offensive. Due to poor content monitoring measures and dangerous content, they have removed the apps. In a letter to Congress last year, Apple said that by 2020, it will have removed more than 30,000 apps from its store because of offensive material.

In the wake of the unrest at the US Capitol on January 6, Apple and Google have blocked Parler, a social networking app that prioritizes freedom of expression. After making significant improvements to the app’s content filtering procedures, the two companies later allowed the app to return to their stores while excluding certain content.

Many are urging Musk to release a replacement phone.
The prospect of Musk creating a competing phone is well accepted by many individuals. I will buy this. Do this even if the app is still available, said one Twitter user. Another person said: “Do it anyway. There is a big market to compete with Google and Apple.” Another user confirmed:

I can guarantee you, Elon Musk, that millions of us would immediately stop using our Apple iPhone and switch to your replacement model if Apple carried out the same kind of attack on Twitter that it successfully launched against Parler.

Some people have issued warnings about the potential for a competitor’s phone catch. Even if it’s Elon Musk, someone said, “There’s already the first powerful engine in space.” Even if it wanted to make it happen, someone else warned, it would be years before a single phone was sold. Components for phones come from many suppliers. It can take years to get a great deal of space for a processor; TSMC has been fully booked for years, and Samsung is far behind in their contract operations.

Someone else posted: “”

The Prediction: A mobile Twitter linked to Starlink: anywhere across the world, always on and always online. All transactions that can be encrypted can be made and paid for in accordance with space law. Imagine hosting blockchain and communications on small servers in orbit, far beyond the purview of terrestrial governments.

The Tesla CEO also lamented the 15% to 30% cuts Apple and Google are taking from in-app purchases, which could cut Musk’s projected $8 per month in revenue from verified Twitter memberships. Musk tweeted on November 18:

Because of the duopoly between iOS and Android, the App Store prices are obviously very high. On the Internet, there is a 30% hidden tax.

Musk recently revealed his aspirations to create X, the universal app. He claimed that the acquisition of Twitter would accelerate the development of X by three to five years.


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