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Elon Musk may open previously blocked Twitter accounts – including Donald Trump’s.

according to Bloomberg’s sources, Musk plans to cease all permanent bans on the platform because he does not believe in “lifelong prohibitions” – meaning previously banned accounts, like Trump’s, may be allowed to return.

It remains unclear, however, how soon those banned accounts may be allowed to return, if at all.

In response to a user’s complaint on Twitter, Musk also said on Friday that he’d “dig into ” users who were “shadowbanned, ghost banned, search banned,” or had their followers removed. These refer to instances of users who aren’t explicitly banned but have seemingly had their social reach limited by Twitter’s algorithm without any notice.

Bastion of Free Speech
Since declaring his intention to buy Twitter in April, Musk’s primary intention has been to turn Twitter into a “digital town square,” where people of wide-ranging beliefs can non-violently discuss their differences. He reiterated this point in a public statement on Thursday, highlighting a looming “great danger” of social media splintering into “far right-wing and far left-wing echo chambers.”

Crypto Twitter is generally optimistic about Musk’s takeover of the platform, due to his commitment to free speech and removing its rampant spam bots.

Some users have claimed that bots are already less prevalent under some crypto-related hashtags since Musk’s takeover. There is little data to support this at present, however.



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