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Crypto Real Estate company integrates real estate and cryptocurrencies in its new app

Crypto Real Estate (CRE), a registered real estate company based in Dubai, has announced the launch of its new application that aims to provide an effective connection between the real estate industry and the world of cryptocurrencies. This groundbreaking application allows users to find real estate services, trade properties, and take advantage of real estate engineering, design, and construction services, with the ability to make payments using cryptocurrencies.

The Crypto Real Estate application is available for download on both iOS and Android operating systems, enabling users to access a wide range of real estate services conveniently and user-friendly. The application works to enhance user experience and meet the needs of the real estate market by providing a comprehensive range of property-related services and offerings.

Crypto Real Estate distinguishes itself from competitors by allowing users to make payments using cryptocurrencies without incurring additional fees. The company also continuously improves the application to meet the evolving needs of the real estate market and provide a unique user experience.

Future Outlook

In addition to the application, the company aims to build a unique digital hotel, as well as a chain of restaurants and cafes that accept cryptocurrencies as a means of payment, catering to cryptocurrency traders. Furthermore, the company plans to develop a virtual real estate city in the metaverse, offering users a new and innovative interactive experience in the realm of real estate.

The project also features a participatory model where every holder of the CRE token becomes a stakeholder in the company, owning a share. The company aims to build long-term value without relying on rapid increases in its token’s value, with any investment growth coming from businesses and enterprises that believe in the company and the future it is building.

The company aspires to build a strong community of investors and supporters for its project and considers itself one of the few projects fully trusted by investors in the world of cryptocurrencies.

Expected Project Launch

The CRE token is expected to be launched on June 6th, 2023, and more details about the token will be revealed in the coming days leading up to the launch.

To join the project and learn more details, everyone is invited to visit the official website at creproject.com and the dedicated Telegram channel.

Crypto Real Estate also aims to create a unique collection of non-fungible tokens (NFTs) that will support its future residential projects and generate profits and privileges for their owners. More details about this exclusive collection will be released in a dedicated document after the token launch.

The company expresses excitement for the launch and the start of its mission, having complete confidence in its work and itself. It believes it will have the best and strongest community of investors and supporters and is one of the few projects fully trusted by investors in the world of cryptocurrencies.

Security and Transparency

All revenues, in addition to the trading fee, will be used to buy and burn CRE tokens, with the aim of increasing their value. Only 50% of the sales tax will be allocated to the company’s fund to finance its operations, and no portion will go to team members.

It’s worth noting that the company doesn’t solely rely on trading fees for success, as many of the fees imposed on the token will be burned directly, creating a deflationary nature for the token. The company will generate income from selling subscriptions and advertising space in its application, in addition to any future revenues generated from products and services built and provided by the company.

In terms of the company’s commitment to security and quality, its smart contract has undergone a thorough audit by Hacken, receiving a perfect score of 10/10. You can read the full smart contract audit report on hacken.io.

The launch of Crypto Real Estate represents a significant step forward in integrating the real estate industry with cryptocurrencies, reflecting the company’s long-term vision to comprehensively and reliably meet the needs of the real estate market. The company is expected to play a prominent role in the development of the real estate sector and enhance financial exchange among users through its innovative digital platform.


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