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CoinShares Launches Hedge Fund Division in the US

CoinShares, the European crypto asset manager, has announced the launch of its hedge fund division in the United States, despite regulatory challenges. CoinShares aims to cater to the increasing demand for crypto asset-based products in the US market.

CoinShares, the European crypto asset manager, has revealed its plans to enter the US market with the launch of a new hedge fund division. Despite regulatory hurdles in the US crypto market, CoinShares aims to meet the rising demand for cryptocurrency investment products. The subsidiary, named CoinShares Hedge Fund Solutions, will offer a range of investment products to bridge the gap between traditional investors and the crypto industry.

CoinShares’ move comes at a time when the US crypto market is facing regulatory pressure, exemplified by the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) filing lawsuits against major platforms like Binance and Coinbase. With their new division, CoinShares intends to serve US investors for the first time and capitalize on the evolving needs of institutional investors interested in the crypto space.

CoinShares Capital, a subsidiary of CoinShares, will handle marketing activities and target qualified US investors. The company aims to leverage its expertise in the crypto market to provide a comprehensive and optimized crypto portfolio to its clients.

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