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BRICS Expansion and Its Impact on International Relations

Recent reports suggest that China may be interested in adding more countries to the BRICS organization, which currently includes Brazil, Russia, India, and South Africa. This move aims to enhance China’s influence and create competitive strength against the Group of Seven (G7) major economies. Several countries have submitted applications to join the organization, marking the first consideration of new member states since South Africa joined in 2010.

Financial Times quoted an anonymous Chinese official as saying that if BRICS were expanded to include the same percentage of global GDP as the G7, our collective voice in the world would grow, and our strength would increase.

Discussions have taken place between Arab countries and the BRICS organization regarding membership or improved trade relations with its member states. Certainly, the inclusion of countries with significant GDP aligns with China’s aforementioned intentions. Furthermore, other nations with clear anti-United States stances, such as Iran and Venezuela, have applied to join the group.

China’s ambitions are expected to face challenges from India, which leans towards a stance that could turn the group into an unaligned club for the economic interests of developing countries, according to insiders familiar with the positions of both countries. It is also likely that South Africa will oppose China’s intentions. The country’s Foreign Minister, Naledi Pandor, previously affirmed that South Africa does not view BRICS “as pro-Russia or anti-West,” also stating that such characterization of the group would be “grossly incorrect.”


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