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BitMEX CEO says the current decline is an opportunity to build your portfolio

After recent declines in cryptocurrency markets, Arthur Hayes suggested it might be a good time to buy.

Bitcoin and Ethereum dropped at double weekly rates after hitting several-month highs last weekend. This resulted in more than $150 billion of the entire market value.

As somewhat predicted, the Fear and Greed Index has returned to a state of fear, but BitMEXICO co-founder Arthur Hayes believes this decline may be an opportunity to build up.

Hayes says it’s time to buy
In the latest Twitter thread on price actions in the crypto market, the former BitMEX executive began by asking his 300 a thousand followers whether they had a short-term or long-term strategy regarding investing in digital assets.

If they are here in the short term, the price movement is “ugly.” In the opposite position, “It might mean that you read the market wrong.” In this case, investors have three options, according to Harries – “to cover, sit tight or add more.”

He believes that only those whose investment thesis has changed fundamentally should leave the market. Setting an example with Ethereum and Merge, he confirmed that if the long-awaited event was canceled for some reason, it would make him worried about his position.

As this is not the case, and integration is still scheduled to be subject to the next several weeks, Hayes still believes in the second largest blockchain protocol and suggested that “it may be time to go shopping.”

Integration will be a march for ETH
Hayes looks really optimistic in founding – an event that will finally see Ethereum move from power-intensive PoW to more nature-friendly PoS.

In a recent blog post, BitMEX co-founder said he thought there might be a moment to sell the news, meaning the price could fall in the short term, but it would ultimately be positive for long-term investors.

Compare the merger by halving bitcoin and suggest that ETH can pool in the same way that BTC has done in the past.

“If the merger is successful. Traders will buy ETH today, knowing that the higher the price, the greater the use of the network and the more it shrinks, resulting in the higher the price, causing the increased use of the network, etc., “is clearer. “This is a virtuous circle of bulls.



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