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Visa Launches Roadmap for Digital Currency Products Using Ethereum Technology

Visa, the global digital payments company, has announced a roadmap that includes digital currency products based on Ethereum technology. This move is an expression of Visa’s interest in new technology and its commitment to keeping up with the latest developments in the world of digital currencies.

Through this ambitious roadmap, Visa seeks to facilitate digital payment transactions based on cryptocurrencies, facilitate the exchange of digital assets, and increase the use of digital currencies in buying and selling. Visa will use Ethereum technology, which is known for its security, speed, and efficiency, to develop these products.

Visa’s roadmap includes many new digital products, including Visa cards for digital currencies, collaboration with trading platforms to facilitate buying and selling of digital currencies, and the development of services for exchanging digital assets.

This ambitious roadmap is part of Visa’s strategy to support modern technological developments and maximize their benefits in the field of digital payments and e-commerce. This move reflects Visa’s commitment to digital transformation and new technology, and will contribute greatly to driving innovation in the world of digital currencies.

Visa’s announcement represents an important step in encouraging the use of digital currencies in everyday life, and facilitating their use in business operations and digital payments. Consequently, this move will contribute to increasing acceptance and adoption of digital currencies, and opening the door to more investment opportunities in this field.

This step is expected to have a significant impact in shifting the focus from digital currencies as a mere investment tool to an effective means of trading and digital payment, which in turn will contribute to enhancing the credibility and stability of digital currencies and improving their acceptance in society.

With this move, Visa reaffirms its leading role in transforming the concept of payment and trade into a digital and innovative concept, and providing safe and convenient payment options for consumers around the world.


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