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Solana provides state compression to reduce the cost of storing NFTs.

Solana has introduced an innovative solution to reduce the cost of storing NFTs on a decentralized network, which can be a costly process. Storing data on a blockchain can be expensive for both sellers and buyers. However, the new solution, known as “state compression,” reduces the amount of NFT storage required on the decentralized network, resulting in cost savings of up to 100 times.

This new solution represents a significant advancement in the world of decentralized storage and provides new opportunities for users and companies to leverage decentralized technology at lower costs. With this service, users will have more freedom to create and sell NFTs, and the value of these digital assets will increase significantly in the market.

The launch of “state compression” is an important new step in anticipation of upcoming developments in the crypto world and reflects Solana’s ongoing commitment to providing leading services in this field.


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