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Ron DeSantis pledges to prevent Central Bank Digital Currencies (CBDC) in Florida

The governor of Florida, Ron DeSantis, has announced his commitment to preventing the issuance of a central bank digital currency (CBDC) and fighting ideological policies and financial surveillance in the state.

In an interview with Fox News, DeSantis clarified that the state would not hesitate to take measures to prevent official central digital currencies, noting that these currencies could pose a threat to financial freedom and personal privacy. DeSantis added that he would work to create a competitive environment for the digital economy in the state, which would allow individuals and companies to benefit from technological innovations to a greater extent without exposing themselves to financial and legal risks.

DeSantis also affirmed his commitment to combating ideological policies and financial surveillance in Florida. In this regard, DeSantis said that governments and companies must maintain citizens’ privacy and protect their data from unauthorized use. DeSantis added that he would work to enhance individual freedom and cooperation in the state, emphasizing the importance of maintaining diversity and personal freedom in public and economic life.

It can be said that DeSantis’ statements reflect a promising future vision for the digital economy in Florida, which revolves around maintaining financial freedom and personal privacy and encouraging technological innovation. Through this vision, it appears that DeSantis seeks to provide a suitable environment for investment and innovation in the state, which could attract more companies and investors to Florida and help achieve economic development in the region.

However, the challenges that Florida may face in implementing this vision should be carefully considered. Among the prominent challenges, the technical and technological challenge in creating a competitive and secure environment for the digital economy, the challenge in ensuring the protection of personal privacy and data in the age of information technology, and the challenge in balancing individual freedom with public and government interests.


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