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Coinbase Enables Apple Pay for Crypto Purchases in UK

Coinbase introduces Apple Pay integration for purchasing Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies in the UK, enhancing security and accessibility.

  • Coinbase introduces Apple Pay integration for purchasing Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies in the UK.
  • The move aims to offer users a more secure and private method of buying digital assets.
  • Apple Pay transactions do not store card numbers on devices or Apple servers, using encrypted unique device account numbers instead.
  • This integration aligns with Coinbase’s goal of expanding accessibility to digital assets in the UK, where over six million adults own crypto.

Coinbase, a leading cryptocurrency exchange, has announced the integration of Apple Pay for users in the United Kingdom, facilitating the purchase of Bitcoin and other digital currencies directly from their iPhones. This move is aimed at enhancing security and privacy for users while making the acquisition of digital assets more convenient.

Enhanced Security and Privacy

Coinbase emphasizes the security and privacy benefits of using Apple Pay for crypto purchases. By leveraging Apple’s infrastructure, card numbers are not stored on the device or Apple servers during transactions. Instead, a unique encrypted device account number is assigned, enhancing the overall security of the payment process.

Daniel Seifert, Coinbase’s U.K. country director, highlights the significance of this integration in enhancing accessibility to digital assets. By leveraging the popularity of Apple Pay among users, Coinbase aims to simplify the process of purchasing cryptocurrencies, thereby expanding the user base in the UK.

Market Dynamics

The introduction of Apple Pay comes amidst a period of subdued activity in the crypto market. Coinbase acknowledges decreasing volumes and subdued retail interest, attributing it to the search for the next market narrative. Despite this, the exchange remains optimistic about the potential impact of the upcoming Bitcoin halving event on prices.

Social media engagement data indicates a decline in retail interest in cryptocurrencies, with fewer posts on platforms like LunarCrush. Joe Vezzani, CEO of LunarCrush, suggests that this trend may signal a shift in social interactions within the crypto space, possibly reflecting a broader decline in retail interest compared to previous bull markets.


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