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Blast Crypto Game Suffers 60% Asset Loss in Security Breach

Blast, a crypto game on the layer-2 blockchain, faced a major setback with a security breach resulting in over 60% asset loss. Insights reveal the involvement of a North Korean developer, but assets were recovered, ensuring user fund safety.

  • Blast, a crypto game on the layer-2 blockchain, experienced a significant security breach resulting in a loss of over 60% of its total asset value.
  • The breach was announced by Munchables, the parent company, on social media platform X, disclosing attempts to halt unauthorized transactions.
  • On-chain researcher ZachXBT traced the exploit to a North Korean developer hired by the Munchables team, pointing out suspicious connections among multiple developers involved.
  • The hacker returned the assets, and Munchables regained access to the compromised funds, ensuring the safety of user funds and upcoming rewards distribution.

Blast, a prominent crypto game operating on the layer-2 blockchain, faced a severe setback with a security breach that led to a staggering loss of more than 60% of its asset value. The breach, which sent shockwaves through the blockchain gaming community, was initially disclosed by Munchables, the entity overseeing Blast’s operations. In a statement shared on the social media platform X, Munchables acknowledged the breach and reassured users of their efforts to mitigate the situation by tracking and halting unauthorized transactions.

North Korean Developer Implicated in Exploit
Insights from on-chain researcher ZachXBT shed light on the origins of the security exploit, linking it to a North Korean developer reportedly hired by the Munchables team. ZachXBT highlighted suspicious activities involving multiple developers associated with the exploit, suggesting collusion or shared involvement. The revelation underscores the inherent risks associated with outsourcing development talent, particularly in the decentralized landscape where anonymity can obscure malicious intent.

Assets Recovered, User Funds Secured
Despite the alarming nature of the breach, there was a glimmer of relief as the hacker responsible for the exploit opted to return the assets. Munchables promptly regained control of the compromised funds, thanks to the cooperation of the hacker and the sharing of necessary private keys. This swift resolution helped allay concerns among Blast users, with Munchables confirming the safety of user funds and announcing plans for the distribution of pending rewards related to the Blast platform.


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