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An anonymous cryptocurrency miner makes huge profits in bitcoin in one day

A mysterious cryptocurrency prospector who succeeds in extracting more than 1.7 million dollars worth of bitcoin in one day, looks like a new participant in the network. This unknown prospector managed to find many blocks, which aroused the interest of well-known mining companies. He was able to verify more than 10 bitcoin blocks over the past 24 hours, equivalent to more than 65 bitcoins and worth more than 1.7 million dollars.

Individual bitcoin prospectors usually cooperate in mining groups to increase the chances of finding a block. This cooperation made it possible to involve ordinary prospectors in the Proof-of-Work algorithm of Monopoly work and get rewards for it. These groups provide solutions that meet the requirements of different prospectors in terms of fees, reliability and the size of the mining speed, which are important factors affecting the prestige of the group. Among the leading companies in this field mention Binance bull, kucoin bull, you Bull and others.

Social media users have been circulating speculations that the unknown prospector may be F2Pool, as the messages sent suggest this. However, blockchain mining speed tracking technologies indicate that the F2Pool mining process has not changed, suggesting that it is either a new subset or the F2Pool blocks have been marked as anonymous for some reason.

Despite the fall in the price of bitcoin to ten-week lows, one analyst suggests that the price of the digital currency may soon experience a “big movement”. The lead analyst of Glassnode, on the Twitter platform, notes an increase in” burnout ” among market participants. He referred to the “sell risk ratio” measure of the Sell-side Risk Ratio, which is now approaching its lowest levels ever recorded.

Despite the difference between the realized and the actual price, the analyst assumes that investors are not interested in selling the currency at current prices, regardless of whether they make a profit from their individual investments.

According to his analysis, this usually happens “when sellers are overworked on both sides, which indicates large movements in the market to come”miner


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