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Whales Collect $821 Million in Bitcoin in Just One Week – Sentiment Analysis

A recent analysis by the company Sentiment suggests that whales and sharks in the Bitcoin market have collected $821 million in Bitcoin in just one week, indicating a strong momentum in the current market.

Whales and sharks are investors who own large amounts of Bitcoin and have the ability to move the price of the digital currency in the market. Their gathering to collect the currency is a positive indicator that the market may see a strong surge in the coming days.

This increase in whale and shark gatherings reflects their desire to invest in Bitcoin for the long term, which reinforces their confidence in the digital currency and reflects their expectations that its price will continue to rise in the future.

Despite the continuous fluctuations in the price of Bitcoin in recent days, this new increase in whale and shark collection indicates that interest in the digital currency is still high, and the market may see a positive turnaround in the near future.


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