Tuesday, May 28, 2024
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OpenAI Launches GPT-4o and New Voice Assistant Features

OpenAI launches GPT-4o with new voice assistant features and improved language capabilities

U.S. House Set to Vote on Cryptocurrency Legislation Next Week

Upcoming U.S. House vote on cryptocurrency legislation crucial for industry's future. Democratic support pivotal. Bipartisan optimism prevails.

Biden Announces Tariff Hikes on Chinese Goods, EV Sector Targeted

Biden announces tariff hikes on Chinese goods, including EVs, drawing criticism. U.S. auto stocks rise.

El Salvador Partners with iFinex for Crypto Regulation

El Salvador partners with iFinex, parent company of Bitfinex and Tether, for crypto regulation, bolstering its position in the digital asset market.

Binance Labs Invests in Zest Protocol for On-Chain Bitcoin Lending

Binance Labs invests in Zest Protocol for on-chain Bitcoin lending, unlocking programmability and interoperability potential on Stacks Blockchain.

US Congressman Criticizes SEC’s Action Against Robinhood

US Representative John Rose criticizes the SEC's actions against Robinhood, while Jake Chervinsky of Variant accuses the agency of misusing Wells Notices in crypto regulation.

Binance Kazakhstan GM Appointed Minister of Digital Development

Binance Kazakhstan GM Zhaslan Madiev appointed Minister of Digital Development, signaling significant implications for Binance and crypto landscape.

AI-Crypto Market Sees Fluctuations: Highlights and Trends

AI-crypto market trends, fluctuations, and volatility highlighted with notable declines and gains among top assets.

CFTC Chairman Foresees Regulatory Enforcement Cycle in Crypto Market

CFTC Chairman discusses cryptocurrency regulation and enforcement, predicts upcoming enforcement cycle due to lack of clarity. Bipartisan discussions ongoing for crypto legislation.

Women Shaping AI: Catherine Breslin’s Journey and Insights

Celebrating Catherine Breslin's journey and insights in AI, navigating challenges, and advocating for responsible AI development.