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MetaMask Removed from Apple App Store – Cryptocurrency Community in Shock

In a surprising move, MetaMask, a leading crypto wallet, has been removed from the Apple App Store without explanation. This incident has raised questions in the crypto community, recalling a similar event with Trust Wallet last year.

The cryptocurrency world is buzzing with the unexpected removal of MetaMask from the Apple App Store. With over 30 million active users, MetaMask is a well-known and trusted crypto wallet. The removal has left both the crypto community and Apple users in suspense, as no official explanation has been provided.

This incident draws parallels to an event in September last year when Trust Wallet, another prominent crypto wallet, faced a similar situation. While Trust Wallet was eventually reinstated, the lack of transparency around these removals has raised concerns.

Apple’s App Store policies have been under scrutiny in the past, with Coinbase encountering obstacles in 2022 when trying to publish a wallet application. Notably, Dan Finlay, the co-founder of MetaMask, had previously expressed support for Apple during the Coinbase incident.

This is not the first time MetaMask has encountered such issues; in 2019, they faced a similar situation with the Android Store. The crypto community eagerly awaits official statements to shed light on this latest development.

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