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Huawei Cloud Expands Web3 Services with Node Engine Service

Huawei Technologies Co., Ltd., the Chinese multinational technology corporation, has upgraded its Huawei Cloud services with the launch of a new section called ‘Web3.0 Node Engine Service’. This will allow the company to expand its services into the Web3 industry.

Renowned crypto news reporter Colin Wu reported on August 10 that Huawei Cloud has updated its Ethereum and TRON node engines. The Web3.0 Node Engine Service is a blockchain node engine platform that simplifies blockchain network management, resource management, and authentication. It also enables developers to connect to mainstream blockchains like Ethereum, providing a stable, efficient, and secure infrastructure for Web 3.0 services.

Huawei’s documentation shows that the NES full-node hosting services can be used by DApp developers and users to configure nodes to interact with blockchains. Staking node carriers and individuals can also use NES to host Ethereum full nodes, including execution and beacon nodes, and run validator nodes to connect with the hosted nodes. Huawei has also made available a complete guide to users who want to use its staking services, as well as a complete guide for developers and builders on both the Ethereum and Tron Networks.

Huawei’s competitors, such as Hetzner, are presently distancing themselves from crypto. Hetzner expanded their Terms of Services (ToS) in 2022, creating an “adversarial environment”, in Seth For Privacy’s words, to crypto node operators such as Bitcoin and Monero. Hetzner has also demanded that Twitter delete the original report on its platform, punishing the account that shared the warning with his followers. Huawei’s recent move demonstrates that they are more open-minded towards the cryptocurrency and blockchain industry, and are actively looking to expand their services into the Web3 industry.



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