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Grayscale’s Bitcoin Wallets Hold Over $16 Billion According to Arkham Intelligence

Blockchain analytics company “Arkham Intelligence” has revealed that the Bitcoin wallets associated with Grayscale Investment’s investment fund hold over $16 billion worth of Bitcoin (BTC). According to the digital cryptocurrency data tracking platform, “Arkham” stated in a recent tweet that Grayscale Investments, the fund’s issuer, is the second-largest Bitcoin holder globally, with its assets spread across more than 1,750 different addresses.

Grayscale’s Wallets Hold Over $16 Billion in Bitcoin:

Arkham pointed out that Grayscale has refused to disclose the addresses of its GBTC wallets on the blockchain for security reasons, even though the digital asset management company provides public reports on its holdings. The analytics firm confirmed that each wallet holds less than 1,000 Bitcoins, totaling $16.15 billion.

Grayscale Backs Its Claims:

In addition to the $16 billion in Bitcoin, Grayscale also holds over 3 million Ethereum (ETH) valued at approximately $4.95 billion, 301,000 LINK valued at $1.89 million, and $1.78 million worth of MATIC. In total, Grayscale’s addresses hold more than $21 billion in digital assets.

It’s worth noting that Arkham’s findings align with Grayscale’s claims on its website, dispelling rumors that the asset manager may not actually possess as many Bitcoins as it claims.


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