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Warning of Phony Debt Tokens and Scams Claiming to be Affiliated with Bankrupt Exchange

FTX has warned the community of phony debt tokens claiming to be affiliated with a bankrupt exchange. These types of tokens emerged after the Lehman Brothers bankruptcy in 2008, where they were used to defraud people looking for investment opportunities.

FTX has pointed out that these fraudulent tokens claim to be affiliated with the bankrupt exchange, but in reality, they have no connection to it. The exchange warns investors of the dangers of investing in these tokens and advises them to thoroughly verify their investment sources before making any decisions.

These warnings come amidst the spread of cryptocurrencies, which are attracting the attention of investors worldwide. The number of scammers trying to take advantage of this phenomenon to obtain investors’ money illegally is on the rise.

Therefore, investors must be cautious and verify their sources carefully before making any investment decisions, and not trust any token unless it has obtained approval from the relevant official authorities.


As per the principles outlined by the Trust Project, Cryptozia remains dedicated to delivering impartial and transparent reporting. This news article is intended to offer precise and punctual information. Nevertheless, it is recommended that readers autonomously corroborate the facts and seek advice from a qualified expert prior to making any decisions reliant on this content.

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