Strike Wallet Provides Access to Funds for the Developing World

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Bitcoin wallet provider Strike is making efforts to enable the developing world to access funds by working with legislators at the Bitcoin Office in El Salvador to create a licensing framework that allows Bitcoin companies to operate legally. El Salvador has become the first country to embrace the Strike Wallet, and it has become the headquarters for the company E4, which owns it.

The founder emphasized the importance of providing a Bitcoin wallet in the developing world instead of trading platforms like Binance, FTX, and Coinbase, which encourage “speculative gambling.”

The Strike Wallet now also supports “Lightning Address,” which allows users to create an address similar to an email address for sending Bitcoin over the Lightning Network, rather than using a QR code.

Previously, it was announced that Strike Wallet would collaborate with Shopify and NCR to enable Lightning Network users to use Bitcoin for payments at popular stores. Despite challenges that delayed the implementation of these plans, the wallet was integrated with the major payment platform “Clover” in January.

Through its efforts, Strike Wallet continues to provide a global opportunity for accessing funds and enables the developing world to benefit from financial technology and digital currencies.

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