Solana Releases a ChatGPT Plugin that Combines AI and Blockchain Technology on the Layer Network

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Solana Foundation has launched an open-source program that allows users to directly interact with the Solana network using ChatGPT, through an additional plugin that can be downloaded from Github.

Solana Labs described this integration as a reference on how to utilize artificial intelligence in understanding Solana’s data and protocols, or displaying information about the computational infrastructure and DeFi projects on Solana. The foundation added that the plugin can be used to purchase NFTs, transfer tokens, verify transactions, interpret public account data, and search for NFT collections based on floor price.

Anatoly Yakovenko, the founder of Solana and CEO of Solana Labs, stated that artificial intelligence will make the Solana blockchain more usable and understandable.

Solana Witnesses Increased Activity

Solana has seen a surge in activity this month, as some users explored alternatives due to high fees on Ethereum and Bitcoin. The network experienced a rise in the average new accounts over a seven-day period, reaching 323,000 accounts in the past week, the highest number since June 2022, according to data from The Block.

The data indicates that more new accounts have been added this month compared to the past six months. The native SOL token of Solana has also experienced a price increase.

SourceThe Block
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