Sazmining Targets South America with Sustainable Bitcoin Mining Facility in Paraguay

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Sazmining, a hosted Bitcoin mining provider committed to 100% renewable energy, has set its sights on South America with the establishment of a new facility in Paraguay. Slated to commence operations on September 15th, the facility takes advantage of Paraguay’s low electricity prices, offering hosting at a competitive rate of 4.7 cents per kWh – a far cry from the average cost of 16.1 cents per kWh in the United States.

Thanks to its new facility in Paraguay, Sazmining is working towards leadership in the Bitcoin mining and renewable energy industry. By harnessing surplus electricity, which was a challenge for Paraguay in the past, the company has found an ideal solution in Bitcoin mining, allowing the country to profit from its excess energy while providing an advanced and secure mining environment. This move presents opportunities for Paraguay to benefit from the financial technology revolution and leverage renewable energy to create a sustainable future that will benefit current and future generations.

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