Raoul Pal expects a rise in the cryptocurrency market in the future

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Raoul Pal, former Goldman Sachs executive and current CEO of Real Vision, predicts a significant rise in the cryptocurrency market in the coming years. He suggests that a new era called the “age of vertical inequality” is taking place in the technology and cryptocurrency sector, and he expects massive growth for this industry.

However, Pal anticipates a correction and sideways movement in the tech market at some point, though he doesn’t know when that will occur. Afterward, he believes cryptocurrencies will enter a new phase of growth. He expects the “grand crypto convergence” to occur when debt yields turn into money and when banks are bailed out in 2024 and 2025.

Pal notes that this stage may be challenging and witness collapses, but he believes we will see an explosion in assets and a significant vertical ascent. This era is seen as a simultaneous technological revolution in various fields such as digital value, electric vehicles, green energy, biotechnology, artificial intelligence, and many other technologies.

Furthermore, Pal promotes optimism regarding cryptocurrencies and describes the recent market downturn and regulatory legislations as mere “noise,” emphasizing that they are temporary stages in the market’s evolution.

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