Proof of Reserves Bill” has passed the Texas House of Representatives unanimously.

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Texas House of Representatives has passed a bill that requires cryptocurrency companies operating in Texas to prove they have sufficient reserves to cover the deposits they hold from users. This initiative aims to promote transparency and credibility in the digital currency industry, which often faces accusations of lack of transparency and corruption.

This law is the first of its kind in the United States and represents an important step towards better regulation of the digital currency industry. Companies will be required to provide Texas regulatory bodies with monthly reports that demonstrate the reserves they hold, and penalties will be tightened for companies that do not comply with these measures.

Investors and traders are expected to benefit from this initiative as they will be able to determine whether companies hold enough deposits to cover potential losses in the event of any breaches or collapses in the digital currency market.

The “Proof of Reserves Bill” is a positive step towards regulating the digital currency industry in Texas and achieving more transparency and credibility in this increasingly important sector.

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