Pokémon Company May Be Getting Ready to Join the Metaverse

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Pokémon Company, the company responsible for developing the Pokémon brand, is preparing to make some moves related to licensing and the metaverse. The company has opened a job position that includes expertise and knowledge in areas such as blockchain, Web3, and the metaverse as requirements, as well as relationships with investors in these areas.

Pokémon brand may come to the metaverse

Pokémon may be introducing its brand to the metaverse. Fans of the franchise believe that the opening of a new job position that includes knowledge of the metaverse and Web3 may indicate that the company is moving in this direction. The company mainly works on developing the brand and distributing its products, and is not directly responsible for developing Pokémon games.

The company is currently looking for a “Corporate Development Head”, who will be responsible for building strategies and partnerships to grow Pokémon and bring new ideas and developments to the brand. However, the role also includes requirements that indicate the company’s direction towards the metaverse.

These requirements include having “deep knowledge and understanding of Web3, including blockchain, NFT, and/or the metaverse” and being “deeply connected to a network of investors and businessmen” in these industries.

Concerns from Nintendo fans

Although Nintendo has not publicly announced any intention to join NFTs or the metaverse, the new job opening by Pokémon Company raises concerns from fans and suggests the possibility of it happening. Fans fear that this move may lead to the company deviating from its focus on developing the classic games that make Pokémon a part of it, and that Nintendo is famous for.

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