Nissan moves towards Web3 and Metaverse, introduces 4 new trademarks

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Digital technology and the Web3 world are among the fastest evolving trends currently, and it seems that Nissan recognizes the importance of this development. In a new step that reflects its awareness of this trend, the Japanese company has registered 4 new trademarks in the Web3 world.

This move comes after Nissan started early experiments in the Web3 world, through buying and selling in digital worlds. It is part of Nissan’s strategy to expand its business and prepare for the future, focusing on providing a comprehensive user experience in the long term.

Nissan’s registration of these four trademarks confirms its intention to expand in the Web3 world, paving the way for it to invest in this growing trend. Nissan seems to not want to miss the opportunity to connect with the new generations that adopt these new technologies and meet their needs and expectations regarding mobility, travel, and driving experiences.

Looking at the general trend of the industry towards digital transformation, Nissan’s investment in the Web3 world could be a crucial step for its future. This industry is expected to witness significant growth in the coming years, making the transition to this trend necessary for a major company like Nissan.

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