Ledger collaborates with iPhone co-creator Tony Fadell to launch the “Stax” cryptocurrency wallet.

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The new Ledger Stax is larger, nicer, safer, more functional, and unique among Ledger devices.

Ledger collaborates with Tony Fadell to launch its new “Stax” cryptocurrency wallet.

Ledger, the company behind the hardware wallets Ledger Nano S and Nano X, announced the release of its new Ledger Stax wallet on December 6th, which was developed in collaboration with Tony Fadel, co-creator of the iPod and iPhone.

The new Ledger wallet features a distinctive and innovative design reminiscent of high-end Samsung cell phones. Users can view their NFT collections even when the wallet is turned off.

All of the improvements to the next-generation wallet, according to Ledger, were made possible by their relationship with Tony Fadell, whom they identified as the inventor and mastermind behind Ledger Stax.

Although the wallet is not yet available for purchase, interested customers can make reservations on Ledger’s website. The Ledger Stax will be available for $279 at the end of March 2023.

Those who buy the wallet will be eligible for various prizes, including a “Magnet Shell” protective case and an NFT from the Art on Ledger Stax collection designed by a well-known crypto artist.

What Benefits Does Ledger Stax Provide?
It is an easy-to-carry device the size of a credit card that allows users to store over 500 cryptocurrencies or NFT collections. Users will soon be able to explore Web3 applications through Ledger Live, thanks to Ledger developers.

One of the most noticeable improvements over previous wallets is the curvature of its E-Ink touchscreen, which, in addition to displaying NFT collections, allows new crypto users to easily view all transactions.

Concerning the battery, the company assured customers that the Stax could be used for weeks or even months on a single charge. This is possible because the screen is monochromatic (works in black and white) and uses little battery power.

A “Cool, Cute, and Fun” Crypto Enthusiast Device
According to Ian Rogers, Chief Experience Officer at Ledger, thanks to Tony Fadell’s unwavering user experience-centric culture, they were able to create an innovative and fun device while maintaining Ledger’s signature cryptographic security.

“When Tony Fadell designs a product, he considers both the circuit board and the billboard […] We created a device that is cool, beautiful, and fun with Ledger Stax. We have combined the uncompromising

“When Tony Fadell designs a product, he considers both the circuit board and the billboard […] We created a device that is cool, beautiful, and fun with Ledger Stax. We have combined Ledger’s unwavering security and self-custody culture with Tony and his team’s equally unwavering user-experience-focused culture. As a result, the first truly secure consumer hardware device for the value revolution brought about by blockchain technology has been created.”

Tony Fadell, the director of Build Collective and the designer of Ledger Stax, stated that his motivation after learning about Ledger wallets was to create a “next-generation device” that was simple to use for both expert and novice users.

“Digging into Ledger’s proven security technology and testing all of the ‘best’ hardware wallets on the market convinced me to build a next-generation device with Pascal, Ian, and the incredible Ledger team, […] We require a user-friendly…no! A ‘user-friendly’ tool to bring digital asset security to everyone, not just geeks.”

Pascal Gauthier, president and CEO of Ledger, stated that the new wallet will be “secure and accessible,” after emphasizing the company’s commitment to the security of its wallets, which have never been hacked despite selling over 5 million units.

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