Jordan Peterson: bitcoin is the only alternative to centralized digital currencies for central banks

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Canadian psychologist and political commentator Jordan Peterson believes that bitcoin is the only “viable” alternative in a future world that will be dominated by digital cryptocurrencies of central banks.

The thinking scientist recently talked with technologist and entrepreneur Brian Rommel about artificial intelligence and other emerging technologies, noting how bitcoin can contribute to protecting the world from its authoritarian excesses.

In an interview published on Monday, Rommel said that he believes that blockchain technology, specifically bitcoin, will be integrated into a popular payment system because of “the way it was made”.

Peterson then confirmed that bitcoin is “the only alternative I can see for a central bank digital currency” which he expected to be imposed on us at any time.

“Bitcoin is actually not centralized, it cannot be controlled by a bureaucracy,”Peterson said.

When the intellectual scientist pointed out how bitcoin can be used for “storing wealth” and as a”currency”, Rommel added that it can also be used for”communication”.

“In the blockchain there is encryption of most of the infinite information, you can install the information you want to distribute centrally and never disappear,”he said.

Unlike traditional bank transfers, bitcoin transactions that have been recorded on the public blockchain are almost irreversible and registered across tens of thousands of Bitcoin nodes around the world. This remarkable feature of bitcoin has recently become popular in the installation of non-perishable items through the ordinals protocol, which integrates image data directly into the public blockchain.

Peterson noted that he would be interested in using bitcoin as a form of permanent and incorruptible storage to develop a “general cognitive set of general cognitive questions” for IQ tests, and prevent people from “making a falsification to measure general mental ability”.

“You can get random samples of public ability tests that are strong, reliable and 100% valid, and no one can fake them, just as bitcoin prevents producers of legal tender from inflating the currency,”he said.

Peterson has previously praised bitcoin as a way to fight the authoritarian control imposed by central banks ‘ digital currencies in the past. He also considers it as a hedge against inflation and he bought some bitcoin as a way to protect himself from inflation in November 2021, although the asset has not performed well since then.

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