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How blockchain technology is changing real estate investment

International hotel company Novotel has partnered with Delchain, a technology company, to launch a new residential hotel project in Georgia. The project will be divided into several parts using blockchain technology, which will increase security and mobility in financial transactions.

Both American and foreign investors will benefit from this partnership, allowing them to make transactions securely and on the go, according to a report by Delchain.

Novotel, a part of the Accor Group with a presence in more than 110 countries, aims to use blockchain technology to launch a new technological initiative that will enhance its decentralized real estate investment model.

The first step in Novotel and Delchain’s partnership will be to divide the Novotel Living new residential project, which includes a collection of luxurious apartments in the upscale district of Batumi.

Delchain technology enables real estate division according to a real estate stock system, where the value of assets and ownership can be divided through individual, non-changeable smart contracts that provide proof of ownership and transaction safety.

The division technology opens the door to fractional ownership, where the value of shares and ownership can be divided, making it easier to sell or transfer the property in full or in part.

As the report shows, tokens and blockchain technology appear to play an important role in the future of real estate and other asset investments. The technology allows for the opportunity to obtain partial ownership of real estate, making investing in it easier and more flexible.

While this new investment model may be of interest to investors looking to diversify their portfolio, it requires a high level of trust in blockchain technology and the investment companies that rely on it.

Finally, it appears that the technology will play a larger role in investment in the future, and we are likely to see more companies and financial funds that rely on tokens and blockchain to finance their projects and attract more investors.



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