Google Play Allows Developers to Integrate Digital Assets like NFTs into Their Apps and Games

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Google Play has announced a significant change in its policy, allowing developers to integrate digital assets such as non-fungible tokens (NFTs) into their apps and games available on the store. Companies wishing to offer the ability to buy, sell, or earn unique assets through blockchain will need to clarify in the application programming interface that there are blockchain-based elements within the app.

Google’s previous policy regarding blockchain-based apps was known as a “black box,” as games like “Bitcoin Blast” were removed from the Play Store in 2021 without clear explanation. In 2018, the store banned cryptocurrency mining apps, a rule that will not change with the new guidelines.

In general, the company has recently indicated a change in its stance toward Web3, allowing applications like ArDrive Mobile, which focuses on decentralized data storage, to appear in the store in 2022. Additionally, Google Play has allowed Axie Infinity: Origins to be available in certain specified markets. Simultaneously, Google Cloud announced an initiative in April 2023 to assist Web3 developers in accelerating their company’s growth.

A spokesperson for Google Play stated that users may witness the first tests of the new experiments in late summer, and the new policy will be fully implemented later this year.

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