Gemini chooses Dublin as European headquarters for cryptocurrency expansion

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Cryptocurrency trading platform Gemini has chosen Dublin as the headquarters of its European operations, in light of the desire of crypto companies to expand outside the United States. The Winklevoss brothers, who founded Gemini in 2014, presented the Irish capital as a base for expanding the company’s services in Europe.

At a meeting with Irish prime minister Leo Varadkar, the brothers stated that they chose the “Emerald Island” because of its strong regulatory system, the availability of significant talents and a recognized technological community.

Gemini is one of many crypto companies founded in Ireland, including trading platforms Binance and Kraken, as well as several fintech and blockchain startups.

Cameron Winklevoss predicted a significant increase in the cryptocurrency industry after the implementation of the new regulatory framework in the European Union. The move is part of Gemini’s efforts to expand outside the United States amid growing regulatory pressure in the country

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